SCS Hiring Framework for Applicants
Hiring Framework For Applicants What - The SCS Hiring Framework is a set of competency-based recruiting and hiring tools designed to help state agencies find applicants who have the right skills to be successful in the State workforce. This means that candidates will be assessed based on their ability to demonstrate specific skills, behaviors, and attributes that are crucial for success in a particular job. Who - As thew job applicant, you will be required to answer a set of competency-based questions that will allow you to showcase your skills, knowledge, and competencies to hiring managers at state agencies. When - Effective January 1, 2024, SCS will remove the test score requirement for State employment and will transition to a competency based talent acquisition and workforce development system Why - The goal of the SCS Hiring Framework is to help applicants showcase their past skills, knowledge, and behaviors and to help state agencies predict future performance. We believe this collaborative apporach to recruiting and hiring fosters a positive, efficient experience for applicants pursuing a career with the state of Louisiana. Contact (225) 925-1911 for further assistance.