Information for Veterans

The State of Louisiana has many job opportunities to offer veterans. This site provides information to help the veteran in his or her search for employment with the State of Louisiana. Also, the State of Louisiana proudly supports and participates in programs that assist veterans such as the Army PaYS Program,  and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

Jobs with the State of Louisiana are located statewide. The following information on eligibility for veterans’ preference points, how state jobs are filled, as well as links to other useful sites will aid veterans in their search for employment with the State.

Veterans' Preference and Points Eligibility

Article X, Section 10. (A) (2) of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana provides for the addition of five or ten points to the final passing scores on Civil Service examinations for eligible military personnel. A DD214, the documentation of eligibility for this preference is required to verify eligibility. The eligible applicant must first pass any written examination before the points are added to his or her score. Veterans' preference points, when claimed, will appear on the applicant’s grade notice. These additional points are added only in new hiring situations -- "probational" or "job" appointments. Veterans with permanent status in the State classified system do not receive this preference in promotional situations.

Five points preference is given to veterans who were honorably discharged or discharged under honorable conditions who served during the following periods:

  1. April 6, 1917 through November 11, 1918 (World War I)
  2. September 16, 1940 through July 25, 1947 (World War II)
  3. June 27, 1950 through January 31, 1955 (Korean Conflict)
  4. July 1, 1958 through August 4, 1964 (Vietnam Theater)
  5. August 5, 1964 through May 7, 1975 (Vietnam Era)
  6. August 2, 1990 through an indeterminate date (for those who actually received the Southwest Asia Service Medal)
  7. Any campaign for which a campaign medal was awarded (must be plainly stated on DD 214 )
  8. At least 90 days of active service for purposes other than training after September 11, 2001 (Enacted 11/02/04)

Ten points preference shall be awarded for the original appointment of one ofthe persons listed below:

  1. An honorably discharged veteran who served either in peace or in war and who has one or more disabilities recognized as service-connected by the Veterans' Administration;
  2. The spouse of each veteran whose physical condition precludes his or her appointment to a Civil Service job in his or her usual line of work;
  3. The unremarried widow of each deceased veteran who served in a war period (see above) or in a peacetime campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge/medal was awarded;
  4. The unremarried widowed parent of any person who died in active wartime or peacetime service or who suffered total and permanent disability in active wartime or peacetime service;
  5. The divorced or separated parents of any person who died in wartime or peacetime service or who became totally and permanently disabled in wartime or peacetime service.

If the veteran is unable to use these points, only one of the other listed personsis eligible to use the points.

Required documentation:

  1. DD214
  2. Letter from Veterans’ Administration documenting service connected disability, if claiming 10 points, dated within last six months

For claimants OTHER THAN the eligible veteran:

  1. Claim Form for Veterans Preference for Spouse/Parent
  2. Death certificate, if applicable
  3. Marriage certificate, if applicable

Civil Service Rule 22.8d, Testing Exemptions for Veterans (Effective November 10, 2010)

An appointing authority may fill a vacancy by probational appointment or job appointment of a veteran of the armed forces who has been honorably discharged from active duty within the previous twelve months without the appointee’s attainment of any Civil Service test scores normally required, provided the appointee meets the Minimum Qualifications of the job. The veteran must have been honorably discharged and have served at least 90 days of active service for purposes other than training. An appointing authority may make an offer to an active member of the armed forces but the effective date of the appointment cannot be prior to the discharge date.

If you have any questions concerning this rule please feel free to contact the Testing and Recruiting Center at (225) 925-1911 .

The following infographics and videos were created by the Department of State Civil Service to highlight veterans’ initiatives, share job resources, and show agencies and the public why veterans may be a good fit for their organization. The State of Louisiana offers many career opportunities to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Upon leaving military service, veterans often possess the skills and education required for employment in a variety of state jobs. The infographics below provide a list of military titles and examples of jobs in state service which perform similar duties. This is not an exhaustive list, and veterans of all branches of service are encouraged to view a complete listing of job opportunities and their qualification requirements at

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