Hosting a Hiring Fair

Thinking about holding a hiring event? Download the Checklist, Stations Sample Flow Chart, or SCS Job Events Flyer.

Contact the State Civil Service Testing and Recruiting Center (TRC) as soon as you are ready to plan your next event!

Determine Event Type
  • Will you have an informational fair where applicants simply learn about you as an employer?
  • Will you have a hiring fair where applicants may be interviewed?
  • Will you make conditional offers?
  • Will you do background checks on site?
Asking these questions will help determine what resources, venue selection, length of time, and much more for a successful event.
Select a Venue

Be sure to select a venue that is adequate for your type of event (i.e. interviews, agency assessments, screening area, waiting area, etc.)

Choose Your Team

On the day of your event, you will want to have HR staff, hiring managers, and other key personnel who can effectively recruit candidates for your vacancies by promoting your agency.
Plan Your Stations
Plan the workstations necessary to make your hiring fair run smoothly and efficiently
Click HERE for a sample flow chart to help plan stations.

Advertise Your Event
Be sure to spread the word about your hiring event on your agency's social media platforms.
Contact or for assistance sharing media on all SCS social media platforms.
Create a Job Posting

You will need to create a job posting for each of the positions that you are hiring for to be posted on the State Civil Service website.

Partner Together
Our staff may be onsite to answer questions from applicants and help them apply for vacancies. An SCS consultant can be available to evaluate applications received and add applicants to eligible lists.
Onsite technical support and help with equipment setup may be available, if needed. Contact or for more information.
Request the use of their mobile workforce center. Questions about the mobile workforce center can be directed to