Testing Information FAQs

Is there a fee to take a test?

No, a fee is not required to take any Louisiana State Civil Service test.

How do I register for a test?

Follow these test registration instructions.

How do I print a copy of my test application?
  • Login to your applicant account.
  • Click your username in the top right corner.
  • In the drop down list under your Username, click Applications & Status. This will display a list of the applications you have submitted to the left of the screen.
  • Click the title of the application you wish to view or print. The application will be displayed in the right half of the screen. Note the tab at the top - "Application View".
  • If you see a "Print" link to the right of the "Application View" tab, click this link to display a printable version of the application. Print this page as you would any web page. Only page 1 is required.

Important: Some browsers may not display the "Print" link. If the link is not visible, do the following: Press Ctrl - F (Hold the Ctrl key down and press F.) This will display a browser search box. In the search box, type the word "print" (without quotes). This should make the Print link visible. Click the "Print" link as described above.

Yes, if it is indicated in the job posting that a test is required.

Use this chart to see the list of jobs associated with each test.

Use this map to see test center schedules, locations, and directions.

Use this chart to see sample test questions for each test.

Follow these instructions to request an accommodation.

You should bring your completed test application, a picture ID and your social security card or a document that includes your social security number (for example, check stub or W2 form). If you do not have an original picture ID you cannot take a test. We provide scratch paper and #2 pencils.

You have 2-1/2 hours to take a test.

You should receive notification of your test results within a week. Notification is based upon the preference you selected when completing your test application—either email or paper notification through the U.S. mail. We suggest selecting email as your notification preference to receive your results more quickly.

Passing scores range from 70 to 100. Results below the minimum passing score are reported as "Failed" and will not include a numeric score. Civil Service does not compute the numeric score of failures to a test; therefore, this information is unavailable to be sent to candidates.

You are eligible to retest after 90 days from the date you tested. You may not retest prior to 90 days for any reason. If you report to test prior to this 90 day period, you will receive a "Failed" test result and you will not be eligible to retest for an additional 90 days from that administration.

Your score will expire two years from its effective date as shown on your grade notice.

Your official score on a written exam is your highest active score on record in the Civil Service computer system. It is the highest active score which is sent to hiring agencies when you apply for job vacancies using that test.

Article X, Section 10. (A) (2) of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana provides for the addition of five or ten points to the final passing scores on Civil Service examinations for eligible military personnel. Complete information on Veterans Preference Points and Eligibility can be found here.

If you have any questions, please call (225) 925-1911.